Why Direct Booking Is Better than Using an Online Travel Agent

Step away from Kayak.com and Hotels.com and start booking directly with The Manhattan Club. While third-party sites are a useful starting point for researching hotels, that’s about the extent to which we recommend you use them. A direct hotel booking is always the best way to go.

Experience the Perks of Booking Directly with The Manhattan Club

A direct booking with The Manhattan Club means you can take advantage of the following:

  • Our Best Rate Guarantee
  • A reliable reservation from a trusted source
  • A staff that actually cares about you
  • Complimentary add-ons
  • Better room choices
  • Unique hotel deals

You can also enjoy greater flexibility when booking directly. We are more easily able to help you if you need to change dates or even cancel your booking because we’re not bound by a third-party deal. When you reserve a hotel room via a third-party, you could be locked into a commitment for the stay with limited wiggle room, should your plans change.

The Manhattan Club is located close to a variety of New York City’s most exciting attractions, so you can experience the pace and pulse of the city any time of the day or night. Our guests look forward to quality service, luxurious accommodations and top quality amenities. We are within walking distance to buses, subways and cabs, as well as several major landmarks. Book your stay with us directly and you could be experiencing the buzz of NYC in no time at all.